Invitation to an online mokuhanga project

On Sunday November 8, a video shooting workshop for mokuhanga artists was held by the IMC Japan Committee. This is to promote the project Letters to Forgotten Woodblock Printmaking Lovers, in which mokuhanga artists are invited to publish video clips about their creation of mokuhanga works. The project will continue until the opening of IMC2021 in Nara, which was postponed in 2020, and will now begin on November 30.

This is a Facebook group project, titled ‘Letters to Forgotten Woodblock Printmaking Lovers’. Follow this link.

Why don’t you join the group! Please feel fee to post your videos, photos and notes to this group account. Any members of the group can add to this site, and watch and read each other’s posts. You can post your videos up until November 10, 2021. They will be shown in the venue of IMC2021 Nara. Please invite as many members as you can.

Here is a video from the project’s founder Mr Hiroki Satake: