Mokuhanga & Nara

墨-フュージョン 木版画と奈良


Program Schedule:

December 1 – 3, 2021 at Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA

The conference begins in Nara, Japan, with a morning of welcome and keynote talks. These will be recorded and available later in the day for conference participants in other locations. Then the main program of recorded paper presentations will begin, with moderation in three time zones following a rolling 48-hour program over two days. As Japan time is ahead of North and South America, the conference begins there on the evening of November 30. Participants can log in at any time to view paper presentations happening in other time zones. Moderators for each of the three main time groups will moderate during daylight hours in their respective time zones. Excursions and closing remarks live in Nara will be recorded for participants in other time zones.


Asia-Oceania zone (Nara)
JST Japan Standard Time

Katsutoshi Yuasa, Vice Chair, Japanese Board, International Mokuhanga Association

Michael Schneider, Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

Europe zone (Rome)
CET Central European Time

Ralph Kiggell, Vice Chair, International Mokuhanga Association

Ruth Pelzer-Montada, IMA Board Member, Edinburgh College of Art

Americas zone (New York)
EST Eastern Standard Time

Claire Cuccio, IMC Advisory Board Member

April Vollmer, IMC Advisory Board Member

JST (Nara)CET (Rome)EST (New York)DESCRIPTION (*pre-recorded link is available   **live recording – link to be shared later)
Tue Nov-30 13:00-17:30Tue Nov-30 5:00-9:30Mon Nov-29 23:00-Tue 11-30 3:30Conference check-in begins at Kasugano International Forum in Nara
17:30-10:009:30-2:00Tue Nov-30 3:30-20:00BREAK
Wed -Dec-01 10:00-10:10Wed Dec-01 2:00-2:1020:00-20:10Yasuyuki Sato, Japan, IMC Japanese Board Chair Welcome**
10:10-10:252:10-2:2520:10-20:25Annu Vertanen, Finland, IMC International Board Chair Welcome*
10:25-11:152:25-3:1520:25-21:15Keynote speech: Henry D Smith II, Professor Emeritus of Japanese History, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University**
11:15-12:303:15-4:3021:15-22:30Keynote speech: Takanari Matsui, Advisor to the Sumi-Production House, Boku-Undo, Nara**
13:30-13:505:30-5:5023:30-23:50Shoichi Kitamura, Japan, paper/live*
13:50-14:105:50-6:1023:50-0:10Yuta Konno, Japan, paper/live*
14:10-14:306:10-6:30Wed Dec-01 0:10-0:30Tomomi Furukawa, Japan, paper/live*
14:30-15:306:30-7:300:30-1:30Q&A Japanese with moderator/live*
15:30-15:507:30-7:501:30-1:50Katsutoshi Yuasa, Japan, paper/live*
15:50-16:107:50-8:101:50-2:10Asuka Tsutsumi, Japan, paper/live*
16:10-17:008:10-9:002:10-3:00Q&A with moderator/live
17:45-18:009:45-10:003:45-4:00EUROPE OPENS (Russia, Middle East, Africa)
18:00-18:1510:00-10:154:00-4:15Marina Borodina et al, Russia, paper
18:15-18:3010:15-10:304:15-4:30Elisabet Alsos Strand, Norway, paper
18:30-19:0010:30-11:004:30-5:00Q&A with moderator + Breakout rooms
19:00-19:2011:00-11:205:00-5:20Hellory Maria Nella Ponte, Italy, paper
19:20-19:4011:20-11:405:20-5:40Shahida Namsoor, Pakistan, paper
19:40-20:2011:40-12:205:40-6:20Q&A with moderator + Breakout rooms
21:00-21:3013:00-13:307:00-7:30Tuula Moilanen, Finland, paper & demo
21:30-22:0013:30-14:007:30-8:00Q&A with moderator + Breakout rooms
22:00-22:3014:00-14:308:00-8:30Aleksander Wozniak, Poland, demo
22:30-23:0014:30-15:008:30-9:00Q&A with moderator + breakout rooms
Thu Dec-02 1:45-2:0017:45-18:0011:45-12:00NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA OPEN
2:00-2:2018:00-18:2012:00-12:20Jennifer Giaccai, USA, paper
2:20-2:4018:20-18:4012:20-12:40Wuon-Gean Ho, UK, paper
2:40-3:3018:40-19:3012:40-13:30Q&A with moderator + Breakout rooms
4:00-4:2020:00-20:2014:00-14:20Helena Wright, USA, paper
4:20-4:4020:20-20:4014:20-14:40Marco Leona, USA, paper
4:40-5:1020:40-21:1014:40-15:10Q&A with moderator + Breakout rooms
5:10-5:3021:10-21:3015:10-15:30Yoonmi Nam, USA, paper
5:30-5:5021:30-21:5015:30-15:50Claire Cuccio, USA, paper
5:50-6:3021:50-22:3015:50-16:30Q&A with moderator
6:30-7:0022:30-23:0016:30-17:00Ben Selby, USA, demo
7:00-8:0023:00-0:0017:00-18:00Q&A with moderator + Breakout rooms
8:00-8:45Thu Dec-02 0:00-0:4518:00-18:45BREAK
8:45-9:000:45-1:0018:45-19:00JAPAN OPENS
9:00-9:301:00-1:3019:00-19:30Irena Keckes, Guam, paper
9:30-10:001:30-2:0019:30-20:00Xiaoqiao Li, Hong Kong, paper
10:00-11:302:00-3:3020:00-21:30Visit to the historical architecture of the Toma Family Residence and printing an ancient woodblock of Kasuga Taisha Shrine
10:00-11:002:00-3:0020:00-21:00Q&A with moderators + Breakout rooms
11:00-11:453:00-3:4521:00-21:45Chen Xiaofeng, Macau, demo
11:45-12:303:45-4:3021:45-22:30Q&A with moderator + Breakout rooms
13:00-13:305:00-5:3023:00-23:30Shoichi Kitamura, Japan, live demo*
13:30-14:005:30-6:0023:30-0:00Q&A with moderator
14:00-15:006:00-7:00Thu Dec-02 0:00-1:00Asuka Tsutsumi, Japan, live demo**
15:00-15:307:00-7:301:00-1:30Q&A with moderator
15:30-16:307:30-8:301:30-2:30Satoka Kitayama, Japan, live demo**
16:30-17:008:30-9:002:30-3:00Q&A with moderator
17:45-18:009:45-10:003:45-4:00EUROPE OPENS (Russia, Middle East, Africa)
18:00-18:2010:00-10:204:00-4:20Hidehiko Goto, Japan, demo
18:20-18:4010:20-10:404:20-4:40Roslyn Kean, Australia, demo
18:40-19:0010:40-11:004:40-5:00Q&A with moderator
19:00-19:1511:00-11:155:00-5:15Mara Cozzolino, Italy, demo
19:15-19:3011:15-11:305:15-5:30Jacqueline Gribbin, Australia, demo
19:30-20:3011:30-12:305:30-6:30Q&A with moderator: open discussion about making sumi with found materials
21:00-21:1513:00-13:157:00-7:15Carol Wilhide Justin, UK, paper
21:15-21:3013:15-13:307:15-7:30Harriina Räinä, Finland, paper
21:30-22:2013:30-14:207:30-8:20Q&A with moderator + Breakout rooms
22:20-22:4014:20-14:408:20-8:40Ralph Kiggell, UK, paper
22:40-23:0014:40-15:008:40-9:00Lucy May Schofield, UK, paper
23:00-0:0015:00-16:009:00-10:00Q&A with moderator + Breakout rooms
Fri Dec-03 0:00-1:4516:00-17:4510:00-11:45BREAK
1:45-2:0017:45-18:0011:45-12:00NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA OPEN
2:00-2:2018:00-18:2012:00-12:20April Vollmer, USA, paper
2:20-2:4018:20-18:4012:20-12:40Faith Stone, USA, paper
2:40-3:0018:40-19:0012:40-13:00Jennifer Mack-Watkins, USA, paper
3:00-4:0019:00-20:0013:00-14:00Q&A with moderator + breakout rooms
5:00-5:2021:00-21:2015:00-15:20Endi Poskovic, USA, paper
5:20-5:4021:20-21:4015:20-15:40Paola Teatriz Gonzales Farias, Chile, paper
5:40-6:2021:40-22:2015:40-16:20Q&A English with moderator + Breakout rooms
6:20-6:4022:20-22:4016:20-16:40Keiko Hara & Akira Ron Takemoto, USA, paper
6:40-7:0022:40-23:0016:40-17:00Lari Gibbons, USA, paper
7:00-7:4023:00-23:4017:00-17:40Q&A with moderator + Breakout rooms
10:00-12:00Fri Dec-03 2:00-4:0020:00-22:00Nara Cultural Program. Excursion to Boku-undo Sumi Production House, Nara
14:00-16:006:00-8:00Fri Dec-03 0:00-2:00Nara Cultural Program. Excursion to Kobaien Sumi Production House, Nara
16:00-16:308:00-8:302:00-2:30Closing remarks: Ralph Kiggell, Vice Chair of the IMC International Board
16:30-17:008:30-9:002:30-3:00Closing remarks: Katsutoshi Yuasa, Vice Chair of the IMC Japan Board

Satellite Exhibitions and Special Programs will take place concurrently at the Nara location and in Osaka and Kyoto, each venue with its own schedule, listed below and on the conference website

Open Portfolio will be available for browsing during the conference with a link for attendees, and will be available to the wider public after the conference.