Open Portfolio

The following artists will be presenting their work online in the Open Portfolio during the conference, and the portfolios will also be available for viewing online after the conference. We still have spaces available, if you wish to make an application.

Katie Baldwin, Linda Beeman, Annie Bissett, Marina Borodina, Laura Bortolon, Laura Boswell, Cheong Hoi I, Mara Cozzolino, Bob Douglas, William Evertson, Yvonne Hering, George Jarvis, Mariko Jesse, Roslyn Kean, Irena Keckes, Keiko Kobayashi, Karen Kunc, Mike Lyon, Kate MacDonagh, Jennifer Mack, Shahida Mansoor, Karen Helga Maurstig, Terry McKenna, Kaoru Morita, Minako Murata, Yoonmi Nam, Natasha Norman, Mia O, Hellory Maria Nella Ponte, Patricia Rougeau, Sybille Schlumbom, Lucy May Schofield, Andrew Stone, Faith Stone, Elisabet Strand, Julie Strasheim, Asuka Tsutsumi, Benoit Varaillon, April Vollmer, Carol Wilhide Justin, Yang Jie, Katsutoshi Yuasa

Photomechanical Mokuhanga: Laser Carved Halftones

Ben Selby - Photomechanical Mokuhanga: Laser Carved Halftones

Ben Selby

Mokuhanga Artist, MFA Candidate Arizona State University, US

This demonstration will explore the feasibility and potential applications of laser carved images in a traditionally hand intensive process. It will briefly present the work of some of the pioneers of post-digital mokuhanga, followed by a tutorial on laser engraving, ending with printing using only traditional tools and materials.

Until recent years laser engraving machines were mostly out of reach to artists working outside of universities, so in addition to the demonstration, participants will be introduced to how they can take this knowledge and work with new makers spaces that are recently popping up all around the world. Along with laser carved halftones, printing of drawn and text-based laser carved images will also be shown.