Questionnaire about participation in IMC2021NARA

Dear artists,

Here in Japan, the spread of COVID-19 by mutant viruses has been observed. It is still unpredictable what will happen to travel restrictions from foreign countries to Japan in the future. Regarding the IMC 2021 NARA, we are currently considering to hold it in one of the following 2 ways:

  • to hold it in real life on a small scale and hold it online in parallel;
  • to hold it completely online.

Before deciding how to hold the conference in June, we would like to ask you to answer a questionnaire to know your intention whether you will participate in it. Deadline April 30 2021.


    Are you going to participate in IMC 2021 NARA?
    I will come to Nara and participate in itI will participate in it onlineI won’t participate in it

    If you are planning to come to Nara, you will travel
    From abroadOnly domestically

    Your name

    Your nationality

    Please send your answer to  by April 30, 2021.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Best regards,
    IMC Head Office

    Invitation to an online mokuhanga project

    On Sunday November 8, a video shooting workshop for mokuhanga artists was held by the IMC Japan Committee. This is to promote the project Letters to Forgotten Woodblock Printmaking Lovers, in which mokuhanga artists are invited to publish video clips about their creation of mokuhanga works. The project will continue until the opening of IMC2021 in Nara, which was postponed in 2020, and will now begin on November 30.

    This is a Facebook group project, titled ‘Letters to Forgotten Woodblock Printmaking Lovers’. Follow this link.

    Why don’t you join the group! Please feel fee to post your videos, photos and notes to this group account. Any members of the group can add to this site, and watch and read each other’s posts. You can post your videos up until November 10, 2021. They will be shown in the venue of IMC2021 Nara. Please invite as many members as you can.

    Here is a video from the project’s founder Mr Hiroki Satake:

    IMC2021 Covid-19

    We thank all of you who have already registered for the conference, or who have already applied to participate in the Open Portfolio event, or to give a Workshop or Demonstration, and to those of you who have submitted a paper proposal, and all of those who are planning to join the conference in November 2021 in Nara.

    Currently, the conference is still going ahead in November, but we will inform you here in the News section of this website and on social media of any changes and updates to the conference in light of the developments of Covid-19 and the global response over the next few months.

    IMC2020 now IMC2021

    Owing to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the IMC2021 conference has now been postponed until 2021, and renamed IMC2021. Please note the new dates of November 30 to December 4, 2021, and note that application dates for the juried competitions, etc., have been moved to one year hence. As always, we thank you for your great support. Please take care during these difficult times.