Welcome to the Fourth International Mokuhanga Conference Nara – November 30 to December 4, 2021


Mokuhanga & Nara

墨-フュージョン 木版画と奈良

We are pleased to announce the 4th International Mokuhanga Conference, now renamed IMC2021 NARA, which will take place from November 30 to December 4, 2021, in Nara, Japan, at the Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA.

Still renowned today as a center of production for the finest sumi ink, Nara is an ideal site for IMC2021. This fourth convening of the conference, titled Sumi-Fusion, will celebrate the versatility of sumi in woodblock printing, both historically and in contemporary applications across Japan and abroad. Additionally, it will explore the presence of black, and how it relates to color.

Mokuhanga Print
‘Fuji’, by Alexander Wozniak (Poland), 2017.

Lying at the easternmost end of the Silk Road, Nara was a meeting point where artisans, monks, merchants and literati from China, Korea and India mingled with the citizens of the ancient capital. And it was here, with the refinement of available materials for its production, that woodblock printmaking became an important medium of communication.

IMC2021 will combine a look at Nara’s role in the development of mokuhanga while spotlighting its contemporary fusions: its relevance today, its globalizing future, and its ever-growing interest among new generations of art students, crafts-people, artists and academics.

IMC2021 will be designed around exhibitions, discussions, demonstrations and academic presentations that reflect the diversity of interests and approaches to mokuhanga within the wider disciplinary world of print-media and contemporary art.

International Mokuhanga Conference Nara 2021

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