Satellite Events


Mokuhanga & Nara

墨-フュージョン 木版画と奈良

Satellite Exhibitions

This year the conference will include several initiatives outside the main program in Nara reflecting the wide geographical and conceptual range of mokuhanga.

  • Akira Kurosaki Tribute Exhibition

    November 30 to December 4, 2021

    NARA Prefectural Cultural Hall
    Akira Kurosaki’s death in 2019 was an immense loss to the world of mokuhanga. A scholar and an artist, he made prints, paintings, collages and work in paper. He combined technical mastery of Japanese craft traditions with an understanding of cutting-edge contemporary art…
  • Borderless – a collaboration across continents
    A Scroll by the Mokuhanga Sisters

    November 30 to December 4, 2021

    Nara prefectural cultural Hall, Nara
    Borderless is a collaborative project with a collective of artists in residence at the 2019 MI-LAB programme from the USA, Ireland, Korea and the UK. Borderless is an artist’s book edition of 8 sumi ink mokuhanga prints presented in a scroll, conceived at a time of growing political divide…
  • Kanreki – 60th Anniversary Exhibition Graphic Studio Dublin
    Curated by Kate MacDonagh

    November 30 to December 4, 2021

    Nara Prefectural Cultural Hall, Nara
    First shown at the Model Sligo, Ireland, during the second and third pandemic lockdown of 2020, the exhibition then traveled to The Graphic Studio Gallery in Dublin. The exhibition was put together virtually with Zoom meetings during the lockdown, creating a special connection among artists…
  • City – Macau Woodblock Print Association Exhibition
    Curated by Mel Cheong, President

    November 30 to December 4, 2021

    Nara Prefectural Cultural Hall, Nara
    This exhibition by members of Macau Woodblock Print Association was organized by Mel Cheong as a way to bring together Asian woodblock artists. The agreed-on topic is “City”. A city has no border, it is not a country; in this globalized setting, a city offers some idea of cultural background…
  • Mokuhanga Ehon International Book Exhibition, Kyoto

    November 23 to December 5, 2021

    Joint Satellite Exhibition with IMC2021 Conference Exhibition

    This artist’s book exhibition in Kyoto has been an integral part of every IMC conference. It is a showcase for international book artists who include mokuhanga in their handmade artist books. The exhibition will be held independently at Kyoto Paradise Book Art Gallery in…

  • IMC Satellite Exhibitions at Gallery Ami Kanoko, Osaka

    November 29 to December 4, 2021

    Sumi and Mokuhanga Exhibition

    Mara Cozzolino (Italy), Wayne Crothers (Australia), Jacqueline Gribbin (Australia), Keiko Hara (USA), Ralph Kiggell (UK), Florence Neal (USA), Ema Shin (Australia), Katsutoshi Yuasa (Japan).

    These artists are all experienced mokuhanga artists and teachers with a deep appreciation…
  • NOIR / KURO 黒 Exchange Portfolio
    The Nagasawa 14 Artists

    Coordinated by Nel Pak and Michael Reed
    Colophon by Cindi Ettinger (USA): wood relief print and letterpress

    Katie Baldwin (USA), Jacomijn den Engelsen (Netherlands), Haruka Furusaka (Japan), Henrik Hey (Netherlands), Daniel Heyman (USA), Dariusz Kaca (Poland), Yoonmi Nam (USA), Nel Pak (Netherlands), Eva Pietzcker (Germany), Michael Reed (New Zealand), Hiroki Satake (Japan), April Vollmer (USA), Alexander Wozniak (Poland), Miriam Zegrer (Germany)…