Printing the Deepest Black / Wrapping a Baren

Hidehiko Goto

Master Baren Maker and Artist, Japan

Born in Kokura, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1953, Hidehiko Goto studied printing and baren-making under Kikuo Gosho, a printmaker, and Matashiro Uchikawa, an ukiyo-e printer. In 1979 Goto established the Baren Studio Kikuhide. He has been engaged in the planning and development of tools related to the baren as well as in providing direction on the baren for universities, museums and mokuhanga courses. In 2012 he started Baren-Juku, a baren class in Ginza. He is one of Japan’s most famous master baren makers as well as an accomplished mokuhanga artist.

There will be two filmed demonstrations by Hidehiko Goto:

  1. Printing the Deepest Black
    How to print a very dense black with sumi ink.
    (Pre-recorded with English subtitles)
  2. Wrapping a Baren
    An overview of the baren and how to successfully replace its bamboo skin.
    (Pre-recorded with English subtitles)