Akira Kurosaki Tribute Exhibition

November 30 to December 4, 2021

NARa prefectural cultural hall
Akira Kurosaki

Akira Kurosaki’s death in 2019 was an immense loss to the world of mokuhanga. A scholar and an artist, he made prints, paintings, collages and work in paper. He combined technical mastery of Japanese craft traditions with an understanding of cutting-edge contemporary art. In 1987 he became professor of Printmaking at Kyoto Seika University and initiated programs in the serious study of mokuhanga and creative papermaking. He was an IMC Honorary Board member in 2011 and 2014. Fluent in English, he was an influential teacher of international artists. He taught past IMC Chair Karen Kunc, current Chair Annu Vertanen, and board members Tuula Moilanen and Ralph Kiggell, as well as many artists currently working in mokuhanga around the world. Many more have studied with the fine artists who worked with him and went on to teaching careers.