Kanreki – 60th Anniversary Exhibition Graphic Studio Dublin

Curated by Kate MacDonagh 

November 30 to December 4, 2021

Nara prefectural cultural Hall, Nara
Kanreki Exhibition Poster, 2021
each print 34 x 26 cm

First shown at the Model Sligo, Ireland, during the second and third pandemic lockdown of 2020, the exhibition then traveled to The Graphic Studio Gallery in Dublin. The exhibition was put together virtually with Zoom meetings during the lockdown, creating a special connection among artists. 

Kanreki is a celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Graphic Studio Dublin. ‘Sixty’ is a magical number in Japanese culture. ‘Kan’ means return or cycle and ‘reki’ depicts calendar. It is a celebration of being reborn or of a new beginning. In Japan, Kanreki is traditionally symbolised by the colour red. All artists in this exhibition have incorporated red, to create mokuhanga prints. All the prints are 34 x 26 cm. 

Participating artists: Yoko Akino, Moya Bligh, Debra Bowden, Kari Cahill, Cliona Doyle, Susan Early, Niam Flangan, Paul Furneaux, Mary Grey, Patty Hudak, Ann Kavanagh, Jennifer Lane, Louise Leonard, Kate MacDonagh, Ed Miliano, Ross McDonnell, Susan Mannion, Geraldine O’Reilly, Helen O’Sullivan, Robert Russell, Mateja Smic, Elke Thonnes, Vaida Varnagiene, Katsutoshi Yuasa

This exhibition is supported by Culture Ireland